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Re: debian opteron support status query

Bharath Ramesh <bramesh@vt.edu> writes:

> Hi I am interested in knowing the current status of debian support for
> amd64. The reason I am interested is that in the near future I will be
> acquiring a dual opteron machine. As I am used to debian I would like to
> stick to it rather than use other version of Linux. I would also like to
> know where I can look to find some documentation on how upto date is the
> document from debian.org/ports/amd64. If someone could point me to good
> reference I would really appreciate it. I am currently not subscribed to
> this mailing list would really appreciate it if you could copy the reply
> to me.
> Thanks,
> Bharath

Its work in progress.

Currently you can install and use debian-i386 just fine and install a
biarch (i386+amd64) mixed system preferably as chroot from there.

If you have some spcial needs its easy to get those working as 64 bit
but for something like a full desktop system you will have to stick to
mostly 32 bit packages untill more is ported. But that works fine with
debian i386 stable.


PS: I wouldn't yet use the 64bit part for production use, still too
much changes going on in the design and we offer no compatibility to
what might proove a better design next month.

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