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Re: Packages in need of porting

Roland Fehrenbacher <rf@q-leap.de> writes:

> >>>>> "Goswin" == Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> writes:
>     Roland> against what glibc package are you trying to compile?
>     Roland> And how is the autobuilder managing the lib/lib64 issue?
>     Roland> What compiler package are you
>     Goswin> All alioth debs. The autobuilder is ignoring the
>     Goswin> lib/lib64 completly.  I will a check for 64 bit files in
>     Goswin> /lib or /usr/lib tomorrow to catch libs without 64bit
>     Goswin> patches I think. Should be easy to wrap dpkg-deb or
>     Goswin> something.
>     Roland> Can you give me a hint/example how to do this with 'dpkg-deb or
>     Roland> something'?
>     Goswin> Simplified: file debian/*/lib/* debian/*/usr/lib/* | grep 64
> Unfortunately this will not work with static libs (ar archives).
> Roland

I doubt a source package will have the dynamic libs correct and the
static libs wrong. I hope porters do test the stuff a bit.

Well, if it happens or for the few static only libs someone will
notice eventually, no big deal. Static libs in thw wrong place will
just not compiled other stuff, dynamic libs in the wrong place can
break the system.

Look at debian-amd64 ML for a discussion (thread just started) on
changing the way subarchs and package namings should/could be handled.


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