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Re: memtest

Sanzo Miyazawa wrote:
> A strange thing is that Err-Bits are always ffffffff,

Probably the entire bus is being run too fast and none of the bits
made it.  Try slowing down the ram until it passes.  I think you have
bad ram.  But if it runs at a slower speed then it is just marginal,
too marginal for your system but maybe okay in a different

> and ECC is reported off, although it is on.

I believe memtest turns ECC off for the test.  Otherwise single bit
errors would be corrected, and silently hidden.  If you check the
options I believe you can turn ECC on for the test.  But if you are
seeing complete word failures such as you are seeing then ECC won't
help.  ECC is generally single bit correct (good for soft failures)
and double bit detect.


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