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Re: memtest

>From arnd@arndb.de Sat Nov  1 20:06:23 2003
>> I tried to use "memtest" on opteron 244 with 4 GB memory, tyan main board.
>> Every time I got the error message like the following.
>> Then I recompiled sysutils_1. in 64bits mode.
>> But still similar error messages are printed.
>> Does this mean real memory errors or is there a bug in this program?
>Maybe you can try running memtest86, which is similar to memtest but is 
>started directly from lilo without linux underneath.
>If that gives you the same results, it's likely that you have a hardware

I runned memtest86 on opteron + 4GB + tyan k8s s2880.

Many errors like the following were printed.



				cache	ECC	Test	Errors	Ecc error
				on	off	std	842	0

Tst	Pass	Failing Address		Good	 Bad	  Err-Bits	Count	Chan
4	2	0007209d628 - 18248MB	fffffbff 00000400 ffffffff	1
					00080000 fff7ffff ffffffff
					00040000 fffbffff ffffffff
					00020000 fffdffff ffffffff


A strange thing is that Err-Bits are always ffffffff,
and ECC is reported off, although it is on.

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