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Re: first XFree86 packages availabl

Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> It's on http://debian-x86-64.alioth.debian.org/, which you can also
> use for apt-get if you have a version that understands _amd64.deb
> packages. It should also be available by ftp and on 
> {http,ftp}://debian-amd.alioth.debian.org/, but there seem to be
> problems with alioth.

Great -- I see them.

> > using with 3-d accelerated?
> I'm using a Radeon 9000.

With a Radeon 9800 I can run opengl stuff, but I assume it's software
rendered as I get frame rates with ssystem of about 5fps with 100% cpu
usage, where with my P4 2.0ghz laptop and nvidia's kernel module over
get over 10x that frame rate.

Would you report a fps speed with the ssystem package and the default
demo mode?


Kevin Rosenberg

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