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Re: biarch Dependencies/Conflicts

On Sunday 05 October 2003 18:16, Tony Hoyle wrote:
> Is there a policy regarding library dependencies/conflicts?
> eg.  xlib64mesa-glu conflicts with xlibmesa3-glu.
> This means that it's impossible to have both of these packages loaded,
> so you can't mix 32/64bit apps that use it.

Yes, that's a bug. The mesa libraries purposely conflict with each other
so you can only install one of them, but that should not apply to installing
both a 32 and 64 bit library. For now, dpkg --force-conflicts should do.

> There's a similar problem with lib64tcl8.4 - in this case there's no
> libtcl8.4 (it used to be in the main tcl package) so you can't use any
> apps that require it.

Yes, same Problem here. This is also an old package that needs to be
ported again.

> Presumably there's a standard way that dpkg-buildpackage is supposed to
> handle this...  A look around google mentioned the 'Package64' directive
> but that's not working...  I was going to start on getting SDL packaged
> but there's no documentation I can find about the 64bit extensions (eg.
> how do you tell it to build libraries twice and create two differently
> named arch .debs?).

What I normally do is run dpkg-buildpackage twice with different compiler
settings. The build process is still a bit shaky, my current hack is to
have a directory with shell scripts named cc, gcc, g++, c++, ld and as
that call the respective binaries from /usr/bin with the correct arguments.
dpkg-architecture and dpkg-libinfo rely on gcc to tell them what they are
running on (but I think this is broken in the latest uploads -- Bart?).
In order to see what modifications are typically needed, take a look
at Gerhards 'new' patches from http://people.debian.org/~gt/lib64/.

	Arnd <><

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