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biarch Dependencies/Conflicts

Is there a policy regarding library dependencies/conflicts?

eg.  xlib64mesa-glu conflicts with xlibmesa3-glu.

This means that it's impossible to have both of these packages loaded, so you can't mix 32/64bit apps that use it.

There's a similar problem with lib64tcl8.4 - in this case there's no libtcl8.4 (it used to be in the main tcl package) so you can't use any apps that require it.

Presumably there's a standard way that dpkg-buildpackage is supposed to handle this... A look around google mentioned the 'Package64' directive but that's not working... I was going to start on getting SDL packaged but there's no documentation I can find about the 64bit extensions (eg. how do you tell it to build libraries twice and create two differently named arch .debs?).


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