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Re: amd64 toolchain

* Roland Fehrenbacher <Roland.Fehrenbacher@transtec.de> [030715 09:55]:
> Bart> http://www.jukie.net/~bart/debian/amd64/scripts/gcc.bart and put
> it
> Ok, I'll try that. Which binutils package do you use? I had problems
> installing


Arnd told me that his changes are now in the mainstream binutils.
I think this version is a few revisions old.

It seems to work well.

> binutils-multiarch_2. because of the amd64 in the
> package name.

For now, learn to use dpkg --force-architecture.

I am working on a fix.  Should be out later this week.

> Are you using any additional patches from the x86-64 site or just the
> plain kernel.org source?

Currently it was just the vanilla kernel-source-2.4.21.  

I was intending on building x86-64.org cvs snapshots, but I have a long
list of other things to do...  If you have reasonable patch requests to
add to the kernel package, I am quite keen on rebuilding it.


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