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Re: amd64 toolchain

>>>>> "Bart" == Bart Trojanowski <bart@jukie.net> writes:

    Bart> * rf@q-leap.de <rf@q-leap.de> [030715 08:42]:
    >> is there a somewhat detailed description of how to convert a woody
    >> system on an opteron box to use the amd64 toolchain, and 64 bit kernel.

    Bart> We've been working with sarge/testing.

This wouldn't make any difference for me.

    Bart> There is no such document.

    >> I installed Arnds packages, but was not able to build a kernel e.g., or
    >> any other 64 bit binary.

    Bart> The default compilation output of that toolchain is 32bit.

    Bart> I've solved that with a simple script; it also lies to dpkg about the
    Bart> architecture.

    Bart> Get this script:
    Bart> http://www.jukie.net/~bart/debian/amd64/scripts/gcc.bart and put it
    Bart> in /usr/bin/gcc.bart, then

    Bart> cd /usr/bin rm -f gcc g++ ln -s gcc.bart gcc ln -s gcc.bart g++

Ok, I'll try that. Which binutils package do you use? I had problems installing
binutils-multiarch_2. because of the amd64 in the
package name.

    Bart> Your kernel should install now.

    Bart> You can also get the kernel from:

    Bart> http://www.jukie.net/~bart/debian/amd64/packages/kernel-patch-2.4.21-amd64/

    Bart> Note that if you want to build 20030707.1 you will need kerne-source
    Bart> 2.4.21 which is available only in sid/unstable, iirc.

Are you using any additional patches from the x86-64 site or just the plain
kernel.org source?



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