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a home-made install CDROM with QLOGIC firmware [was : Re: Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-11-22]


I wonder if the (untested) simple recipe below would work.
It would confirm that the missing QLOGIC firmware
was indeed the culprit.

I hope it will help !

JH Chatenet

# download firmware-qlogic
apt-get download firmware-qlogic

# become root (to preserve rights)
su -

# install genisoimage (if not already)
apt-get install genisoimage

# mount the CD image
mkdir my-mount-point && mount -o ro,loop debian-10.0-alpha-NETINST-1.iso my-mount-point

# extract the initramfs
mkdir my_workdir1 && cd my_workdir1
zcat ../my-mount-point/boot/initrd.gz | cpio -idv

# add some firmwares
dpkg --fsys-tarfile ../firmware-qlogic_20190717-2_all.deb \
  | tar -xvf - ./lib/firmware/qlogic/1040.bin \
      ./lib/firmware/qlogic/1280.bin \

# rebuild the initramfs
find . | sort | cpio --create -H newc | gzip -v9 > ../initrd.gz
cd ..

# rebuild the cdrom image

mkdir my_workdir2
(cd my-mount-point && tar -cf - .) | (cd my_workdir2 && tar -xvf -)
umount my-mount-point
rm my_workdir2/boot/initrd.gz
cp -a initrd.gz my_workdir2/boot/
genisoimage -o debian-10.0-alpha-NETINST-1-fw.iso -r -J -joliet-long \
 -cache-inodes -l -alpha-boot boot/bootlx \
 -V 'Debian 10.0 alpha w fw' my_workdir2

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