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Re: Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-11-22

On Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 06:40:04AM -0600, Bob Tracy wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 23, 2019 at 07:36:11AM +1300, Michael Cree wrote:
> > That's not going to help at the moment because vim is bd-uninstallable.
> > 
> > The real problem is guile-2.0 and guile-2.2, both of which FTBFS, and
> > are blocking the building of many other packages.
> I downloaded the Debian source for "guile-2.0_2.0.13+1-5.3" and successfully
> built the binary packages on my PWS-433au without having to modify anything.
> My guess is some kind of toolchain or other build environment issue on
> the "buildd" servers.

Did you build with latest toolchain?  I suspect the issue has
appeared with toolchain changes (hard to pin down when because there
was quite a period in which a new version of guile-2.0 was not

And the bug (a segfault when texi documentation is built with the
recently built guild executable) looks to be present elsewhere too
(take a look at #941218 where comment #10 seen on Ubuntu looks 
suspiciously like what we see on Alpha assuming it occurs at the
same place).

> Michael -- I've got the following ".deb" packages available, and you're
> welcome to them if they would be of any help getting us unstuck:

Unless built in clean chroot with only the build dependencies installed
and with an up to date toolchain they won't be much use to us.


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