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Re: Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-04-09

On 4/16/19 14:55, Darren Goossens wrote:
> Hi, and thanks for the inte3resting discussion.
> Yes, the QLOGIC chip seems to be the issue. The Debian 5 installer
> works flawlessly. I used full disk not netinstall for that.

I believe at that time the Linux kernel (tree) still included a lot of
firmware files. These remaining in-tree firmware files were removed with
[1]. And the `qlogic/1040.bin.ihex` firmware file was among them.


Not sure though, if this was also the case for the Linux kernel in Lenny.

> I cannot say what would work best for the most people, and thus be
> best place to put your efforts, but I do know that the floppy works on
> this machine (AlphaServer 1200), though in Deb 5 I had to modprobe
> floppy first.

A PCI to USB adapter could also work and avoid the size limitations of
floppy disks - if you have one at hand.


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