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Re: Pre-DEBIAN 8.0 install images for ALPHA architecture (debian-ports unstable release)

Hi Rafael,

I just finished an installation on AlphaServer 1000A/500 (with 512MB RAM) myself.
How much RAM does your machine has? I can imagine you need more?
Maybe try again?

On 04.03.2015 19:07, Rafael Ruiz wrote:
I have tryed it on an AlphaStation 255/300, but after ncurses installation menu, "killed" message printed on screen and no finish.


El 28/2/2015, a las 8:45, Helge Deller <deller@gmx.de> escribió:

Hello everyone,

I've prepared some installation medias for
    DEBIAN 8.0 on ALPHA (debian-ports unstable release!)

which are available at:

There is a short README file at available as well:

Major features:
- Based on Debian 8.0 code base
- Full systemd support
- Linux kernel modules for SATA, CCISS, Radeon, virtio included

I'm happy to get your feedback.


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