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/bin/login and utmp updates

I mentioned somewhat off-handedly that "utmp" on my alpha wasn't getting
updated properly for console login sessions (tty1, tty2, etc.).  The
issue seems to be the way that the "login" package gets built.  For the
official alpha packages up through 1:4.1.5-1 at least, "/bin/login" does
NOT update the utmp file with session information for console logins.
When I downloaded the latest unstable "shadow" source package and built
it, the resulting "/bin/login" executable works correctly, and the "who"
command accurately shows active console login sessions.

What I noticed during the build process is, the configuration script
attempts to intuit the format of the build system's utmp file, and
selects the various preprocessor defines based on what it finds (UTMP
vs. UTMPX, etc.).  Some formats include timestamp information, and as
sizeof(long) depends on the architecture, it's apparent that building
the "login" binary package with a cross-compiler is an extremely bad

As I type this, I note that an official "login" binary package update is
downloading.  If the broken utmp behavior returns, I'd be extremely
interested to hear whether any other alpha users are seeing this.


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