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Re: Alpha ES45 buildd

On 06/04/12 02:36, Witold Baryluk wrote:
> How about offering at least on of this machines to debian-ports.org, and
> still running buildd on them for d-p.o? I do not know what policy you
> have about having this machine, but there is some small probability that
> alpha will be in Debian back after wheeze, who know.

Let's be honest here.  That "some small probability" is actually "zero
probability" unless others step up to help.

We have made reasonable progress in fixing bugs, and upstream support of
the toolchain (kernel, glibc, gcc) is much better than it was a couple
or so years ago, but there is still a hang of a lot work to do to get
Alpha back to release quality.

I personally am only planning to work on the Alpha port until the time
of the release of Wheezy unless others step up to also help.

> (We already build
> 96% of packages, which is higher than any other unofficial port, and
> sometimes even more than officially supported architectures).

Indeed, that was true about four weeks ago, but it counts for nothing
really.  We fail architecture release criteria such as the port must
have Debian Developers actively working on the port.

And now that the official Debian build daemons and porterboxes are
disbanded we now fail to provide the necessary hardware 24/7.

I am not trying to sound depressing, but honestly, it really does need
more people stepping up and putting some hard yards into bug fixing, to
get Alpha back to release standard.


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