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Re: Alpha ES45 buildd

On 04-02 10:43, Tim Cutts wrote:
> Hi Alpha aficionados,
> Last week, the debian sysadmins decommissioned the two Alpha servers that we were hosting for them, and they're now sitting idle in our data centre.  There are actually three machines, two that were the live machines and a third we kept for spares.
> If you want these machines (and have the space, power and cooling for them!), please let me know, reasonably promptly.
> Specs:
> Machine	  goetz		    	albeniz		spare
> ===================================================================
> Model	  ES45 model 2		ES45 model 3B	ES45 model ?
> CPUS	  4xEV68 1GHz		4xEV68 1.25GHz  ?
>           8MB cache each 	16MB cache each	?
> RAM	  4x4GB			4x2GB		?
> Disks	  2x18GB, 4x72GB	4x18GB		None
> CD-ROM	  Yes			Yes		Yes
> 	  DE602 100 MbitE	DE602 100 MBitE DE602 100 MBitE
> 						FibreChannel HBA
> Each machine seems to have some sort of external SCSI connectivity too, although I couldn't identify precisely what from the SRM output.  The spare machine has no internal disks, but does appear to still have a fibre channel HBA in it.  God knows what sort.
> The gigabit ethernet card is an Alteon, and we haven't been using it with Linux since licence issues caused that driver to be dropped from the Debian kernel a couple of years back.  If you build a kernel.org kernel, you can get it to work though.
> CPU #3 on albeniz is currently masked out, so presumably we found it to be faulty at some point.  I tried reenabling it, and it didn't immediately fall over, so who knows.  Caveat emptor.
> I've spoken to our Head of IT, and he's happy to pay to ship them within the UK, but not beyond.  Obviously we'd rather ship all three machines in one go.
> Any serious offers to take them on, before we hawk them to the VMS community?

I would really love to have any of this, but I live in PL and my server
room is pretty filled in. I could still run one at home, but I have slow
networking there (and no public IP). For sure I would like to not make
this machines to be just thrown away if possible.

I you can estimate how much it will cost to ship to Cracov, Poland, I
will tell you more. Even if I cannot put them to the usage immiedietly,
they can stay a while until I will find some serious work to do.

How about offering at least on of this machines to debian-ports.org, and
still running buildd on them for d-p.o? I do not know what policy you
have about having this machine, but there is some small probability that
alpha will be in Debian back after wheeze, who know. (We already build
96% of packages, which is higher than any other unofficial port, and
sometimes even more than officially supported architectures).



Witold Baryluk

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