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Re: Alpha ES45 buildd

On 5 Apr 2012, at 15:36, Witold Baryluk wrote:

> How about offering at least on of this machines to debian-ports.org, and
> still running buildd on them for d-p.o? I do not know what policy you
> have about having this machine, but there is some small probability that
> alpha will be in Debian back after wheeze, who know. (We already build
> 96% of packages, which is higher than any other unofficial port, and
> sometimes even more than officially supported architectures).

That's what we would rather happened to them, but they do need to leave our data centre; we're close to our power limits, and we could run quite a lot of stuff on the power those Alphas use.  :-)

Goetz was one of the two official buildd machines when for lenny, so I know it's up to the job...


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