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KDE4 [was Re: iceweasel 10.0.1-1+alpha]

BTW, I did get KDE4 installed the other day and I have to say I am quite impressed by it. It seems to be all working and looks really nice and is easy to manipulate with lovely 3D effects. I do have a Radeon HD4350 card installed and it's great to see the modern features exploited. I am not sure how smoothly and prettily it will run with an older 7000 series Radeon card.

KDE did start up some virtuoso-t and nepomukservices stuff which continued to run for a few hours but it was at nice -19 so not too intrusive until it used all the memory and started switching. Apparently it is some file indexing system so I presume it was reading every file in my home directory (some 30Gbytes plus) to produce an index. If it works as well as Spotlight on Apple Mac OS X I shall be very impressed, however I got bored of it chewing up the memory and switched it off in the preferences.

Given that Gnome 3 is not working on my Alpha, and all the angst that has been expressed in certain forums about Gnome 3 and what seems to me to be a dismissive attitude by the developers to disagreements with their new approach, I may well be a convert to KDE.


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