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Re: Progress on the Alpha distribution at debian-ports

On 19/02/12 19:43, Bob Tracy wrote:
> Have you tried KDE4 yet?  I still haven't tried it with compositing
> enabled, but it works well for me otherwise.  Can't remember the source
> package name I was waiting on (to be rebuilt by the new compiler with
> the working optimizer), but I *think* it was qt4-x11 or some such.

No, I don't have KDE4 installed, but I guess it is about time I gave it
a go.

qt4-xll version 4:4.8.0-1 was built with gcc-4.6 on the 3rd February
this year, thus is *not* afflicted by the nasty gcc-4.4 optimisation
bug.   Nevertheless I did find a less severe optimisation bug in gcc-4.6
which can lead to segmentation violations [1], that was fixed in the
last week or two (gcc-4.6 version 4.6.2-13 IIRC).  So some packages
built between the switch to gcc-4.6 (mid Decemeber last year) and about
the 11th February could be afflicted by that gcc-4.6 optimisation bug [2].

BTW, I have found the kernel commit that causes the pulseaudio/iceweasel
crash [3] but I am still to work exactly what is wrong with the commit
and to propose a fix.


[1] PR middle-end/51994.
[2] Two that I knew of (because their test suite picked up the problem)
were libarchive and git.  We have working versions of those in the
repository now.
[3] And also causes test suite failures in glibc, and the java compiler
(javac) to lock up on SMP systems.  And probably is responsible for
other problems.

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