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Re: webkit 1.6.1-4

On 11/11/11 22:11, Michael Cree wrote:
> On 11/11/11 10:54, Bob Tracy wrote:
>> Just an update for those who have been following along and maybe waiting
>> for news...
>> Successfully built the subject package over the course of the past two
>> weeks.  Huge amount of disk space required, not to mention RAM + swap.
>> The process put my poor old 433au to the test in many ways :-(.
> Since things are quiet on the buildd front I have taken Imago out of the
> buildd network and have started a manual build of webkit on it and
> assuming it builds will upload to the unreleased distribution.

It has built and is now installed to the unreleased distribution with
version 1.6.1-5+alpha.

> BTW, Bob, I hope I have fixed the --no-relax problem on the linking of
> libraries by shifting it from CFLAGS to LDFLAGS in debian/rules.

Yep, that's the fix.  Please include that in the bug report, Bob.

I gave epiphany-browser back to be rebuilt with the new webkit but it
failed for the same reason as it did before.

I now see that Bob was building the epiphany-browser in the experimental
distribution.  I am hoping that I can extend the autobuilder network to
start building packages in experimental in the next week or two.


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