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Re: webkit 1.6.1-4

On 11/11/11 10:54, Bob Tracy wrote:
> Just an update for those who have been following along and maybe waiting
> for news...
> Successfully built the subject package over the course of the past two
> weeks.  Huge amount of disk space required, not to mention RAM + swap.
> The process put my poor old 433au to the test in many ways :-(.

A big thanks to Bob for putting in the hard effort to fix the webkit FTBFS!

> For now, I think I'll wait on the pending arrival of Michael Cree's ES45
> machines. 

The courier company had said they would arrive earlier this week but
they didn't.  Contacted the courier today to find out what had happened
and it appears they arrived in the city where I live a couple of days
ago but haven't been delivered the last few kilometres.  So close but
not good enough!  Now I will have to wait till Monday.

Since things are quiet on the buildd front I have taken Imago out of the
buildd network and have started a manual build of webkit on it and
assuming it builds will upload to the unreleased distribution.
Hopefully it survives; Imago has a little less total physical memory and
swap space than Bob's Alpha.

BTW, Bob, I hope I have fixed the --no-relax problem on the linking of
libraries by shifting it from CFLAGS to LDFLAGS in debian/rules.


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