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webkit 1.6.1-4

Just an update for those who have been following along and maybe waiting
for news...

Successfully built the subject package over the course of the past two
weeks.  Huge amount of disk space required, not to mention RAM + swap.
The process put my poor old 433au to the test in many ways :-(.

The patch-to-the-patch I posted some time ago was sufficient to get to
the point where we now have to figure out where to pass "-Wl,--no-relax"
(needed for large shared library builds on Alpha) to the library build
scripts.  The linking of the "build-2.0" and "build-3.0" libwebkitgtk
shared libraries (over 593 MB each) takes about 12 hours and requires
2.5 GB of swap on a machine with 1 GB RAM.  Even worse: when running
"fakeroot debian/rules binary" to package the build products, the
libraries get relinked during the "install" phase -- that's another
12 hours.

Is the end result any good?  I was able to build epiphany-browser
3.2.0-2 using the webkit 1.6.1-4 packages I built, and the browser
mostly works within the limits of what little testing I've done.  Some
instability noted (segfaults) following NP initialization, which seems
to indicate issues with a plugin rather than the browser specifically.
As long as the suspect plugin isn't used by a given web page, the
browser works fine, and even when the suspect plugin is used, it doesn't
always cause a browser crash.  Might be "fun" for someone to track this
down :-).

For now, I think I'll wait on the pending arrival of Michael Cree's ES45
machines.  They're much better suited to the task of building packages
like "webkit".  I wanted to give the build a try on a "lesser" Alpha
just because I've got a bit of Don Quixote in me, *and* I wanted to see
if it was even possible.


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