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Re: iceweasel-6.0.2

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 4:04 PM, Michael Cree <mcree@orcon.net.nz> wrote:
>>  Still have to specify "--disable-ipc" as well, which isn't
>> necessary on supported architectures: that would need to be implemented
>> and pushed upstream as well.
> I think that would be relatively straight-forward to implement.  Some of the
> kernel code probably can be used as a model.
> Matt: would you be interested in doing this?  I suspect it is either you or
> me who will have to do this and I am currently swamped with being an Alpha
> buildd admin and fixing all the problems that result from the three month's
> lost time building when we got demoted to Debian Ports.

I'm interested, and I don't think it's a very hard problem. I just
don't have time in the foreseeable future.


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