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Re: iceweasel-6.0.2

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 12:18 PM, Bob Tracy <rct@gherkin.frus.com> wrote:
> Woo-HOO!  I'm pleased to announce a successful Alpha build of
> iceweasel 6.0.2-1, xulrunner-6.0 6.0.2-1, and libmozjs6d 6.0.2-1.  I
> would *like* to make the ".deb" packages available for interested
> parties to download and test, but I don't have the bandwidth locally.
> Assuming someone offers me an upload location so the packages can be
> made available, please note the following disclaimers:
> (1) I'm not a Debian developer, therefore, the packages are *not* signed
> and in no way should be considered official, i.e., if and when the
> official packages are available via normal update channels, these
> unofficial packages will be automatically replaced/updated.
> (2) The normal caveats about running software from the "experimental"
> distribution should be heeded, i.e., these packages could grow hair on
> your palms, curve your spine, crash your system, etc.  That being said,
> it all seems to work fine on my PWS 433au.
> (3) If you have currently-working versions of "iceweasel" and
> "xulrunner" installed, you may want to have the corresponding packages
> available to downgrade if there are problems.
> (4) Since you'll be doing a manual installation of the packages, check
> them for dependencies *before* installing them: "dpkg --info file.deb"
> is useful.
> --Bob

I presume there are patches to make it all work? Posting those is a
good place to start.


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