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Woo-HOO!  I'm pleased to announce a successful Alpha build of
iceweasel 6.0.2-1, xulrunner-6.0 6.0.2-1, and libmozjs6d 6.0.2-1.  I
would *like* to make the ".deb" packages available for interested
parties to download and test, but I don't have the bandwidth locally.

Assuming someone offers me an upload location so the packages can be
made available, please note the following disclaimers:

(1) I'm not a Debian developer, therefore, the packages are *not* signed
and in no way should be considered official, i.e., if and when the
official packages are available via normal update channels, these
unofficial packages will be automatically replaced/updated.

(2) The normal caveats about running software from the "experimental"
distribution should be heeded, i.e., these packages could grow hair on
your palms, curve your spine, crash your system, etc.  That being said, 
it all seems to work fine on my PWS 433au.

(3) If you have currently-working versions of "iceweasel" and
"xulrunner" installed, you may want to have the corresponding packages
available to downgrade if there are problems.

(4) Since you'll be doing a manual installation of the packages, check
them for dependencies *before* installing them: "dpkg --info file.deb"
is useful.


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