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Re: telepathy-glib test issues

On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 11:47:21AM -0500, Bob Tracy wrote:
> Grrrrr...  The "telepathy-glib" package appears to be building
> correctly, but the tests are time-sensitive and some of them fail
> "randomly" based on whether the package is being built on the console
> (relatively fast I/O) or over a remote network connection (somewhat
> slower I/O).  The problem is that the debug level for the tests is
> cranked-up so #$%@! high that the debug output is slowing down the test
> execution enough to trigger timeout errors.
> (...)

Found the culprit in tests/lib/util.c: the timeout interval is
hard-coded to 10 seconds.  The timeout can be completely disabled if
environment variable TP_TESTS_NO_TIMEOUT is non-null.  I've been
retrying the test runs with increasing timeout values (last try was
60 seconds), and "test-contact-lists" still won't run to completion.
Might actually have a legitimate bug on my hands :-).


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