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telepathy-glib test issues

Grrrrr...  The "telepathy-glib" package appears to be building
correctly, but the tests are time-sensitive and some of them fail
"randomly" based on whether the package is being built on the console
(relatively fast I/O) or over a remote network connection (somewhat
slower I/O).  The problem is that the debug level for the tests is
cranked-up so #$%@! high that the debug output is slowing down the test
execution enough to trigger timeout errors.

There are two batches of tests I've seen.  The first batch of 15 tests
pass without problems.  The next batch of 58 tests is where I'm seeing
problems: on the console I saw a single failure, but over a network
connection this morning I saw six failures.  All are timeout errors.

Any way to crank down the verbosity and still perform a meaningful test?
Either that, or relax the timing constraints a bit...  Otherwise, I'll
have to disable the tests just to get the package built.  Not going to
apologize for the Alpha being too slow in this instance :-(.


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