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Re: toolchain updates

On 12/09/2011, at 2:35 PM, Bob Tracy wrote:
I'm concentrating on keeping my Gnome
environment working, because KDE4 has been a non-starter on my system
since forever (segfaults and such during initialization).  I've never
seen KDE4 work on my Alpha,

That's something that will need to be fixed if we are to have another Debian Alpha release. I wonder whether Gentoo has kde4 running on Alpha.

but I'm willing to give it another go if
other people with Alpha systems are having better luck than I am.

I would wait a bit. We have just recently compiled some of the kde base libraries and apps, but there is more to go.

Building much of Gnome and KDE is currently being held up by a broken subversion install (thus we can't rebuild git, which is a build- depends on quite a number of packakes) and a broken ghostscript install (which both doesn't work and also requires libjpeg62 which conflicts with many packages that are updated to libjpeg8). Until the maintainers update these two packages we are not going to make much headway into building new Gnome and KDE packages.


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