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/run (was: Alpha build progress and suggestions for helping)

On Mon, 5 Sep 2011, Bob Tracy wrote:

> I noticed another change in "the way things are done" which is a clear
> violation of the principle of least astonishment: it appears "/var/run"
> is now symlinked to "/run" following a recent upgrade I applied.  This
> broke "radvd" which wants to put its PID file in a subdirectory of
> "/var/run" (/var/run/radvd).  Yeah, it's probably a bad idea for "radvd"
> to be doing that, but moving "/var/run" without looking for side-effects
> was a bad idea too.
> As a rule, I like as little filesystem I/O on the root fs as possible.
> If "/run" on a fresh installation is a separate filesystem (maybe even a
> tmpfs type), I could understand the change.  Otherwise, "/run" isn't the
> brightest idea the powers that be ever unleashed on us.  Just my
> opinion, and worth what you paid for it :-).

It will be a tmpfs:


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