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Update of /ports/alpha/ section of www.debian.org

Hi all,
I've just updated the /alpha/ pages on www.debian.org which were quite
outdated. As I've noted that there's some activity here in the ML (so,
alpha isn't really dead!) it could be IMO a good idea to add some info
about the current status of the port: the only thing I have written is
that the port is no longer officially supported in Debian.

I don't know if Helge Kreutzmann and/or Chris Chimelis are still involved
in the port (they figure as former maintainers of port's pages): if so,
could you please add some updated info about it?

If not, I'll be glad to help you in updating the pages.
And speaking of updating pages, could you please provide me a list of
people who currently works on the port? I'd need it to close #558752.

Francesca (from the Debian website team)
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