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Re: current status of alpha in squeeze


> >>Are my computers interesting and/or practical for your purposes or are the
> >>realy out-dated?
> >They're pretty outdated, especially things older than EV6. For, say,
> >an 800 MHz UP1500, it's a usable, if a bit slow, system.
> Oh - i thought that the Alphas are very old - but not ueseless and
> that they should be new tablet-pcs ;-)

Yes, they look old, but when i looked at benchmarks, and performed
my own, it actually was pretty good. :)

> If i find an running "netinst" (perhaps you know where) then i will
> start a last try for learning purposes
> like it was my first intention.

Go to http://www.debian.org/ , search for "CD ISO images" and folow link,
then on next page search for phrase "For older releases, ....".
Hope this clue will help. ;)

(Last iso of version 5.0.8 for alpha is from Jan/Feb 2011! :)

Hope there will be lennyandhalf, similary to etchandhalf, with kernel
and xorg, and few other hard things from squeezy or testing,
as it will be semi-squeezy, and could somehow improve alpha support. :)



Witold Baryluk
JID: witold.baryluk // jabster.pl

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