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Re: current status of alpha in squeeze

Robert Garron wrote:
Is it too late to organize a group and to have them work together to put alpha back on to the release list?

I have been out of town.  Sorry for the slow reply.

I'd love to see Alpha back as a release architecture in Debian. But for this to happen, my intuition is that there would need to be a substantial demonstration of interest and effort to make this happen.

I obtained your addresses from a post from the general debian list and I responded on Craig Prescott's web site.

Arthur if you are willing to run the group -- i.e. provide directions for what people need to do and perform -- then I have the man power and the systems to execute directions. I simply do not know anything about how to build a debian release... My group only has the hardware, internet connections and the willingness to help.

That is a fantastic start.  The Debian stuff *can* be learned.

If Craig is still available, he seems to have done alot of the work also -- so if we have both Arthur and Craig leading the group, and we have 3 others performing what needs to be done -- I think we can pull this off?

I am willing to commit effort.


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