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Re: Upgrading Sarge to Etch - failing to boot new kernel

On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 8:02 PM, Michael Cree <mcree@orcon.net.nz> wrote:
> On 30/07/2010, at 9:24 AM, Ian Las wrote:
>> Built a custom 2.6.27 kernel on a 164LX system with Alphabios and it works
>> withouit any problems but unfortunately it seems that a kernel >= 2.6.23
>> does not work for a 164UX system.
>> What is the reason for the problem and any chance to fix it in the future
>> ?
> Second guessing that the problem (which you notably don't report) is that
> the kernel fails to even start booting properly when booting with aboot I
> suggest that you haven't updated aboot on your boot disk to the newest
> version.  I think it is about 2.6.23 that the newer aboot is required.  Note
> that upgrading the aboot package is insufficient to rectify this.  You must
> also run the swriteboot program on your boot disk.  The man file for
> swriteboot gives suitable instruction on its use.
> Cheers
> Michael.

Well, no, it looks to me like he has to use MILO, as he mentions a
164LX with AlphaBIOS and a 164UX which only has ARCSBIOS.


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