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CD tray won't stay closed

I encountered an unexpected "unpleasantness" last night while trying to
install Lenny on my Miata (PWS 433au).  When the installer got to the
part where "apt" offers to scan all the installation media, I pressed
the button on the CD-ROM drive to eject the first CD, replaced it with
the second CD, pressed the button to close the tray, and the #$%@! tray
would *not* stay closed.

At that point, the installation process was unrecoverable, and I had to
power-cycle the machine to restore sanity.  In my frustration, I managed
to physically break the tray loading mechanism (one of the gears) when
the scenario repeated itself.  Had the drive survived the second
installation attempt, the next thing I was going to try was to "pass" on
having "apt" scan the other CDs.

Found a Toshiba IDE CD-RW drive for $9 that I'll try this evening.  If
the problem persists with the new drive, I'll at least know it's some
kind of weird Linux+controller issue.  If that's the case, anyone got an
idea how I might work around it?  (I'll provide the controller error
messages from "syslog" if the problem persists with the new drive.)

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