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Re: CD tray won't stay closed



I installed Lenny on my PWS500au a while agao - without CD drive trouble.

On Thursday 25 February 2010 20:46, Bob Tracy wrote:
> I encountered an unexpected "unpleasantness" last night while trying to
> install Lenny on my Miata (PWS 433au).  When the installer got to the
> part where "apt" offers to scan all the installation media, I pressed
> the button on the CD-ROM drive to eject the first CD, replaced it with
> the second CD, pressed the button to close the tray, and the #$%@! tray
> would *not* stay closed.
> At that point, the installation process was unrecoverable, and I had to
> power-cycle the machine to restore sanity.  In my frustration, I managed
> to physically break the tray loading mechanism (one of the gears) when
> the scenario repeated itself.  Had the drive survived the second
> installation attempt, the next thing I was going to try was to "pass" on
> having "apt" scan the other CDs.
> Found a Toshiba IDE CD-RW drive for $9 that I'll try this evening.  If
> the problem persists with the new drive, I'll at least know it's some
> kind of weird Linux+controller issue.  If that's the case, anyone got an
> idea how I might work around it?  (I'll provide the controller error
> messages from "syslog" if the problem persists with the new drive.)

I used only the first CD, I did the rest via ftp.



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