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Re: Miata boot drive dead

2010/2/22 Bob Tracy <rct@gherkin.frus.com>:
> Well, hell...  All good things come to an end eventually, but it still
> hurts.  The original 4GB boot drive in my PWS 433au gave me plenty of
> warning it was thinking about going bye-bye: several months, actually.
> It finally did so a bit earlier this evening.  There were no survivors.
> What's the latest installation media available for Debian on Miata?  I
> haven't done a clean install since burning a complete set of 4.0r0 CDs,
> and the state of my system at the time of the crash was up-to-date with
> the latest packages from the unstable distribution.

Hello Bob

ISO images from Debian Testing are built automatically on weekly
basis, but it seems that they aren't for Alpha any more.

Latest CD distribution is for 5.0.4

After install you would have to go on with updates from network up to


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