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RE: Strange QLA1040 firmaware load error with 2.6.30 from testing

> >> Just one question: Is the firmware always needed or can I uninstall the
> >> qlogic-firmware package again? Does the controller has an eprom or does
> it
> >> only works with driver-provided firmware? As the firmware does not seem
> to
> >> be loaded correctly, is it really needed?
> >>
> When I first tried the Debian 2.6.30 kernel the kernel locked up when
> initialising the qlogic driver as I had completely forgotten about the
> firmware.  After installing qlogic-firmware driver it then booted fine.
> Given I was running a kernel that included the firmware prior to running
> the Debian kernel that is suggestive that the firmware is reloaded on
> every boot.

Which is strange, because the SRM console and its I/O functions used by
aboot also use the SCSI controller to boot the kernel/initrd from my SCSI
ZIP disk (the root partition is on a large SATA disk with a SIL controller
initialized later from the initrd. Because of that, I think the system would
start without a firmware, but /boot and the CD-ROM mounts would be

Maybe the firmware gets lost, when the PCI bus and the device is reset.

This is why I asked.


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