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Re: etch --> lenny upgrade report on Alpha platform

OK, here are the patches I mentioned, plus one. You may already
have some, or may not need some, but for completeness:

1. dbus-alpha-unaligned.patch
     force gcc to generate proper code; it normally assumes
     structures are aligned.
2. hal-0.5.10-cache-alignment.patch
     force proper alignment of elements larger than 32 bits
3. qt-alpha-unaligned.patch
     force proper alignment for DOUBLEs encoded as char arrays
4. ghostscript-alpha-unaligned.patch
     force use of memset/memcpy instead of local (buggy on Alpha)
     optimized routines

In my version of ghostscript, when rendering under Firefox pages
full of postscript, sometimes I'd see as many as 200 Million UAAs
for a single page. The others were just VERY annoying in logs and
on console, amounting to only in the thousands over long periods of

Hope they help.


Estabrook, Jay wrote:
> Bob Tracy wrote:
>> I'll *definitely* be filing a bug report on dbus-daemon...  The system
>> logs are full of the following (which also appear on the console):
>> dbus-daemon(2382): unaligned trap at 00000200010409fc: 000000011f9d52a1 28 3
>> dbus-daemon(2382): unaligned trap at 0000020001040a1c: 000000011f9d52a1 2c 1
> I believe I have a patch for this, along with one for the "hal" package,
> that'll keep the logs clean of those.
> I've also fixed one in "qt" that shows up as from *many* KDE apps.
> I'll round them up at work, and send them along...
>> Similar issue with "radvd", but I reported *that* one (with a code workaround)
>> back in December 2007 (bug id# 456205).  At least with "radvd", the underlying
>> issue is use of a character array and later trying to force a particular
>> structure alignment on it.  The workaround was to force 8-byte (sizeof(size_t))
>> alignment on the offending array using "__attribute__ ((aligned(8)))".
> Haven't seen that one before...
> --Jay++

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