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Re: etch --> lenny upgrade report on Alpha platform

Bob Tracy wrote:
> I'll *definitely* be filing a bug report on dbus-daemon...  The system
> logs are full of the following (which also appear on the console):
> dbus-daemon(2382): unaligned trap at 00000200010409fc: 000000011f9d52a1 28 3
> dbus-daemon(2382): unaligned trap at 0000020001040a1c: 000000011f9d52a1 2c 1

I believe I have a patch for this, along with one for the "hal" package,
that'll keep the logs clean of those.

I've also fixed one in "qt" that shows up as from *many* KDE apps.

I'll round them up at work, and send them along...

> Similar issue with "radvd", but I reported *that* one (with a code workaround)
> back in December 2007 (bug id# 456205).  At least with "radvd", the underlying
> issue is use of a character array and later trying to force a particular
> structure alignment on it.  The workaround was to force 8-byte (sizeof(size_t))
> alignment on the offending array using "__attribute__ ((aligned(8)))".

Haven't seen that one before...


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