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AlphaServer - Uptime/reliability

Title: AlphaServer - Uptime/reliability

This is a little bit of an open request but for the installation and application I'm trying to justify it would really help me if I could get some 'real' uptime data from the wider industry on how reliable AlphaServers are. I know they have outstanding performance and are used by half of wall street etc. but it would be great to know from the real guys who have to keep these things running the real facts behind the claims.
The two models I'm interested in are Alphaserver DS25 (a number of, both single and dual processor) and an Alphastation DS15. All will be running Tru64 Unix 5.1b.
Simple feedback such as "Typical application, date installed, MTBF/uptime/failure rate etc., whether frequently power-cycled or running 24/7" would be great. Direct contact details to confirm this would also be appreciated but not essential.
The reason for this request is to support the use of the Alphas in a mission-critical role running a legacy app as part of the business justification.
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