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Re: Debian on Alpha ES40

On Tue, 18 Mar 2008, O-Zone wrote:
Hi all,
i'm trying to install debian on an ES40 Alpha System. My problem is that i
cannot see scsi disks: the SCSI controller is a SYM53C895 and it loads
correctly BUT i cannot see any disk attached on it !!!

Anyone can help me ? Thanks, Michele

How many disks are attached to it? Are their SCSI ID's set properly? Make sure they don't conflict with each other or the host. Does your SCSI controller work? Can you try attaching it to a different computer? Are all your disks good?

Basically, check everything you need to to be sure your SCSI bus is sane and that your hardware isn't broken.

BTW, you do know what "properly terminated" means for a SCSI bus, right? It needs to be terminated on both ends of the bus, and nowhere else. Many disks have a TE jumper which must only be enabled if you are using the drive as a terminator. You also probably want term power from somewhere. You need it for active termination, but I'm not sure if it ever hurts.

Here's an idea: Rather than having us play 20 questions, try to describe every detail about your SCSI bus which is relevant to it working. Then we'll just need to ask about the things you left out, instead of everything. (Hint: It helps to make your bus a simple as possible for testing.)


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