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Re: AlphaServer - Uptime/reliability

On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 09:51:09AM -0000, Pearson David wrote:
> This is a little bit of an open request but for the installation and
> application I'm trying to justify it would really help me if I could get
> some 'real' uptime data from the wider industry on how reliable
> AlphaServers are. I know they have outstanding performance and are used
> by half of wall street etc. but it would be great to know from the real
> guys who have to keep these things running the real facts behind the
> claims.
> The two models I'm interested in are Alphaserver DS25 (a number of, both
> single and dual processor) and an Alphastation DS15. All will be running
> Tru64 Unix 5.1b.
> Simple feedback such as "Typical application, date installed,
> MTBF/uptime/failure rate etc., whether frequently power-cycled or
> running 24/7" would be great. Direct contact details to confirm this
> would also be appreciated but not essential.
> The reason for this request is to support the use of the Alphas in a
> mission-critical role running a legacy app as part of the business
> justification.
> Posting to the forum or mail to hp@pearson.in . 

Why would debian-alpha porters know or much care about the reliability
or uptime of Tru64 systems?  This list is about running and supporting
Debian GNU/Linux on the alpha.

Len Sorensen

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