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Change the order of scsi Controller


I have 2 AlphaServer 4100 (Rawhide) running Debian/Etch and a Digital Raid 
Array (RA3000) connected.

I have installed debian on the Server with the RA3000 switched off running 
the generic alphaserver kernel.

Now everything is installed on /dev/sda:

/dev/sda3       /                       ext3 defaults,errors=remount-ro 0  
/dev/sda2       /boot          ext2     defaults        0       2
/dev/sda4       none          swap      sw              0       0

/dev/sda is the first scsi- disk plugged into the local servers SCSI- 

Now, if I switch on the raid array and boot the server, the module of the 
scsi controller (QLogic qla1280)
has the raid array connected seems to be loaded before the module of the 
controller (sym53c8xx) for local disks.

Thats why my disks order is changed completely.

The first disk in the raid controller becomes /dev/sda and the disks on 
the local controller will be added
after the last disk in the raid array.

My question is, if the reason for that is really the module- load order 
how can I change it easily?

The scsi- modules are loaded via initrd.

I already read this article:


but my 


file is empty, and I don't know what modules are loaded with initrd.

Any suggestions?

Compiling a new kernel is no optiion for now.

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