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Re: Debian Etch on Samsung 164UX/BX Alpha

On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 11:52:06PM +0100, Wouter Rademaker wrote:
> When you have an other Alpha, you can try to
> compose a harddisk (or a set of harddisks) that
> can be booted on the Samsung 164UX/BX Alpha.

> A set of harddisks is maybe the easiest:
> You will need a harddisk with a fat-partition
> with all the arcbiosstuf and a kernel that can
> read the second BSD-partitioned disk.

> On the second disk is a very basic generic
> debian-installation made on the other Alpha.

> milo boots the kernel on the first disk and the
> kernel boots the installation on the second
> disk.

Why would you need/want two hard disks?  If this is a system that can only
ever be booted from arcs, I see no reason why you wouldn't put everything on
a single disk with a FAT partition.  (Or if you wanted two disks, to RAID
them instead.)

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