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Re: Debian Etch on Samsung 164UX/BX Alpha

# Lennart Sorensen sprak:
> On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 05:04:10PM +0100,
> Andreas Czerniak wrote:
>> Which is the URL to your web page ?
>> I have a Ruffian too, but installed with SuSE
>> 7.1 -- I would update to
>> Debian too ;)
> I haven't made it yet since I haven't solved my
> install problem yet. :(
> So far only my PWS433a has debian on it (since
> it has SRM and was hence
> simple).  My multia only has 32MB ram which was
> not enough for the
> installer (and it's very slow too).
> --
> Len SOrensen

When you have an other Alpha, you can try to
compose a harddisk (or a set of harddisks) that
can be booted on the Samsung 164UX/BX Alpha.

A set of harddisks is maybe the easiest:
You will need a harddisk with a fat-partition
with all the arcbiosstuf and a kernel that can
read the second BSD-partitioned disk.

On the second disk is a very basic generic
debian-installation made on the other Alpha.

milo boots the kernel on the first disk and the
kernel boots the installation on the second

Met Vriendelijke Zwerversgroeten

Wouter Rademaker

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