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Re: Congratulation on Etch release

On Tue, Apr 10, 2007 at 03:35:03PM -0500, Bob Tracy wrote:
> (2) being unable to build firefox with gcc/g++ 4.X (compiler segfault
>     during build).  firefox-1.5.X and -2.0.X build fine with gxx-3.4,
>     although it takes nearly eight hours for a build to finish due to
>     incredibly long "ld" times for some of the libraries.  The good
>     news is, it works: linux-on-alpha users *can* have modern web
>     browsers :-).

Uh?  Debian etch *ships* with modern web browsers on alpha; is there some
reason that you found the Debian iceweasel package insufficient?

> Item (2) may be a non-issue with the stable versions of gxx-4.X in Etch.
> I'll report back when I know one way or the other.  Item (1) needs more
> research, and I'll do what I can there as well.  Anyone else running
> radvd (IPv6 support)?  Version 1.0-1 of that package is what's generating
> most of the "unaligned trap" messages I'm seeing.

Heh, what an unpleasant daemon to have that in.  I use IPv6, but my alpha
isn't doing any routing, so no reason to run radvd there...

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