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Re: alpha raid?

On Tue, Apr 10, 2007 at 12:17:33PM +0800, James Andrewartha wrote:
> I recall having a problem with BSD disklabels not having support for the 
> required partition types. Since you're moving from Tru64, your disks are 
> almost certainly using BSD disklabels, so you'll need to drop to a command 
> prompt and relabel them with PC labels. I think parted is the best tool to 
> use for this, but fdisk might work as well.

I posted a patch a couple years ago that added that type to the bsd
disklabel partition code (calls the raid autodetect funct). It was rejected
by alan cox cuz no one knew if digital unix uses FD.

If can find it, if anyone wants it. It would probably need some work for
2.6, but that should be easy.

Tom Vier <tmv@comcast.net>
DSA Key ID 0x15741ECE

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