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Re: alpha raid?

On Fri, 6 Apr 2007, Ulrich Teichert wrote:

>>    I'm investigating using Debian-alpha to replace tru64 unix on our
>> DS-20 & Alpha 1200 servers (old iron for sure).  During installation of
>> Debian 3.1r0a for alpha when I arrive at disk partitioning I don't see
>> options for LVM or RAID type partitions.  The documentation states they
>> should be available and a search for "RAID" in the debian-alpha list
>> results in no hits.  What's up?  Is Debian for alpha able to do RAID or not?
> IIRC, you have to create RAID (F0) or LVM partitions by hand before these
> menu options show up. I once had set up my PWS 433 with a RAID 1 with the
> Debian installer of Sarge, so it's possible ;-)

I recall having a problem with BSD disklabels not having support for the 
required partition types. Since you're moving from Tru64, your disks are 
almost certainly using BSD disklabels, so you'll need to drop to a command 
prompt and relabel them with PC labels. I think parted is the best tool to 
use for this, but fdisk might work as well.

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