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Re: Successfull Etch install on a Multia

Ted S. Letofsky wrote:
> Good morning, all.
> After months of not touching it, seeing the listserve alive with content
> regarding the Multia has caused me to pull mine back out and attempt a
> clean boot and install of my own.
> I continue to have issues that I saw a while ago.
> When I reach the point where aboot starts, the machine hangs at the
> following.
> "aboot: starting kernel boot/vmlinuz with arguements ramdisk_size=16384
> root=/dev/ram devfs=mount,dall"
> the version of SRM I am running is BL5 V3.8-3 Aug 10 1995
> the configuration of the system is as follows;
> DKA0     ST39173N    <9gb scsi drive, id0>
> DKA100   ST318418N   <18gb scsi drive id1>
> DKA500   Iomega Jaz 2gb drive
> DKA600   Toshiba XM-6201TA scsi cdrom
> I have a valid install of Debian on the 9gb drive now, but it's an older
> install.
> I never have been able to get the system to boot completely off of a
> 31r<X> cd. it always stops in the same place.
> I have also tried different hard drives, and different cdroms.
> I am attempting a standard install <keyboard/monitor/mouse> vs a serial
> install.
> The system has 128MB ram.
> I have no attachment to any OS or information on the system and am happy
> to use it as a test machine, etc.
> Ted

   I'd say unless Steve has fixed the ethernet module problem, the best
best is to burn a cd of the current etch and install from the cdrom.
That's what I did. I don't think 3.1 ever installed, I had to install
3.0 first and then do a dist upgrade to 3.1 -- but whatever, forget 3.1
and install etch.
    I've also been playing with a debootstrap install onto my external
1.8gb drive which works pretty well, but I haven't been able to actually
boot it yet, only chroot into it. Not sure what's up with aboot and
swriteboot yet, but my internal scsi disk boots etch okay.


Harmon Seaver

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