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Re: Successfull Etch install on a Multia

On Mon, Feb 26, 2007 at 10:16:02AM -0600, Harmon Seaver wrote:
>    Is there any work-around for the pcmcia problem? Being able to run
> pcmcia is for my prism2 wifi nics is the whole point of my multia's
> existence. Is there an older package that will work?

No, no workarounds are possible, this is a bug that needs to be fixed.
There are no older kernel packages that would help here; only 2.6.18 is
supported by etch, anything older than 2.6.15 is unsupported by the current
udev, and TTBOMK this bug has been present throughout the 2.6 kernel series.

But I do have a patch in the works, which fixes the problem with the pcmcia
driver; I'm just working still on getting full coverage for the issues with
SMP modules identified in bug #410933 before pushing it out.

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